Bridge Aviation, a specialist in cabin repair and maintenance


Keep your aircraft interior in good shape:

  • Minor repairs done straightaway
  • Aircraft are expected to defy the elements. But sometimes the aircraft interior takes a few hard knocks too.
  • Due to the constant stream of new passengers and long flights, sometimes things get broken:
    * a seat that is stuck,
    * a lever that breaks off,
    * a baggage hatch that stubbornly refuses to operate…


Upgrade your plane with our best services

24 hr. interior check every 6 or 12 months?

Do you have a request for a specific action or an airplane that is not yet undergoing a heavy maintenance program?

Ask us for specific actions like treating the seats:

  • steam-cleaning the fabric
  • cleaning and nourishing the leather
  • treating the carpet (vacuum cleaning and replacing it where necessary)
  • removing and cleaning side panels
  • removing and fitting seat tracks


  • Ask for our program that fixes parts before they break. It helps you saving on expensive cabin parts.
  • Don’t leave tiny details like that unfixed. Bridge Aviation can handle minor repairs.
    Our experienced technicians come to you.

Rely on our proximity

Who is who?

Jan Bensch

Telephone: 02 725 44 80

Steven Palstermans

Telephone: 02 725 44 80

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